About SmartSites

SmartSites™ is COGNITION’s proprietary Content Management System (CMS) platform. Our robust and easy-to-use CMS can be applied to any client’s custom designed website. Clients have complete control over their website and it’s content when using the SmartSites™ CMS. This proves to be an affordable alternative for businesses and organizations who pay programmers to keep website content up-to-date. SmartSites™ delivers numerous best-practice website features such as social media integration, rich media uploading and incorporated blog functionality.

Not only is SmartSites™ offered to normal custom website clients, but smaller clients on a tighter budget can also use SmartSites™ as an affordable solution in achieving an excellent website. COGNITION provides a hybrid website design process that drives development investment down by leveraging the opportunity for these smaller clients to organize and populate their custom designed website as they see fit using the SmartSites™ CMS.

Features & Enhancements

Content Management

Want to add content, a new page or even reorganize your navigation? No problem. SmartSites™ CMS allows you to instantly change text and pages, or create new material easily, with no web programming skills required.


Want to share your thoughts, build your expertise and foster site visitor interaction? SmartSites™ comes with a complete blog that’s intuitive to create and control.

Social Media

Are you getting more social? Whether it’s Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter, SmartSites™ makes integrating your social media simple.

Event Calendar

Got it going on? Make sure people know about it by using SmartSites™ Event Calendar to promote upcoming activities.

Email System

Like using Constant Contact? Then you’re going to love the SmartSites™ Email System that provides various sized templates, multi-list management, and custom designed templates to match your brand and website.

Image Rotator

Dynamic animation can transform a home page from ordinary to extraordinary. This SmartSite™ enhancement gives you the ability to create your own image rotator, complete with copy.

Image Galleries

Showcase your images in a big, beautiful, gallery presentation with SmartSites™ lightbox integration offering hover effects and automatic resizing to fit images as the viewer clicks through.

Donation & Payment Systems

Online business grows stronger every year. Are you leaving money on the table by not providing your website visitors with the ability to process transactions? COGNITION can change that for the better.

iPhone & iPad

1 out of 2 American adults will have a smart phone by the year’s end. COGNITION hand-builds mobile versions of websites. How will your website keep up with this changing “on-the-go” consumer behavior?

Stat Tracking

SmartSites™ allows clients to enter Google Analytics into their websites for behind-the-scenes insight into real time traffic counts and visitor behavior.

SEO Empowered

SmartSites™ websites are built for natural search engine optimization. Things like clean url’s and page titles, and the ability for you to enter key words or make frequent updates all work to improve your site’s search engine results.